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Rock Pirates RC

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The most versatile and strong Panhard Mount on the market.                                   

The Rock Pirates RC Panhard Mount was designed to be very versatile in order for it to fit all the build options of the Roack Pirates RC Interceptor Chassis. Due to an increasing customer interest in custom Rock Pirates RC Kraken builds, we are now making the Panhard Mount available for purchase. 

Special Features:

Made of Stainless Steel

Small and compact

Fits most flat rail chassis

Slotted mounting holes for fine tuning setup adjustments. 


Flip to the inside for SCX10-II and VS4-10 builds, flip to the outside for Element & Base Camp builds. For full custom builds, do what you gotta do :) 

You will need to drill an additional 1/8 inch hole in the Kraken Chassis to mount it. 

The Interceptor Chassis comes with the Panhard Mount. 

Made in USA

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