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Rock Pirates RC

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Servo/Winch Tray for Elements using the Interceptor Chassis or Stock Element Chassis. Also use this Servo Tray on Vanquish VS4-10 Interceptor Chassis builds. 

Precision CNC machined from aluminum in the USA.

The design maintains the stock mounting locations for the steering and winch servo and stiffens the chassis nicely. 

The servo tray includes threaded screw holes for the stock Element panhard bar mount and front shock towers. When used with the Rock Pirates RC front shock towers, only the second hole back and last hole will be used. 

This servo tray can also be used as a rear frame cross member to stiffen the chassis and mount a Rock Pirates RC Hardline Bed too. The holes line up perfect! 

2.750 inches wide. 

Another popular option is to relocate the stock servo tray to the back. 

Part weight: 1 oz.  

Shock towers sold separately. 

* Highly recommended with this item:

- Servo & Shock Spacer Pack.

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