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Rock Pirates RC

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Rock Pirates RC Sliders are designed to perform and still keep a scale look. 

Rock Pirates RC (RPRC) Boat Style 7 inch Sliders were designed to provide a smooth bottom option of the RPRC Standard 7 & 7 1/2 inch Slider. The inner chassis side of this slider sits flush with the bottom of the chassis rails, the outer edge of the slider where it mates with the body is the same elevation as the standard RPRC 7 inch Slider, so the pan of this slider is angled. (Which slider is better? You be the judge; we love them both). 

Note: The 7 inch Boat Sliders are a lighter gage steel than the standard 7 inch sliders. Only 5.8 ounces. 

  • The smooth bottom surface with angled up ends allows your rig to slide over rocks on the approach and descent. 
  • Higher ground clearance.
  • The door slider allows your rig to pivot around rocks without getting hung up.
  • Increases the weight of the rig low on the frame to increase traction as well as help prevent rollovers.
  • Made from high grade steel, laser cut, powder coated in black for extreme durability.
  • Weight: 5.8 oz
  • Maintain a sleek scale look.
  • 100% made in the USA.

Note: This slider is harder to install due the lack of access to the mounting screws; an Alen wrench is required. 

Compatible with these trucks: 

Axial Deadbolt
ProLine Cliffhanger & Cab Only Cliffhanger! 
VS4-10 Phoenix (some cutting & drilling is required if you use the OD servo).

Fits the Traxxass Sport and Axial Base Camp also but sliders become 7 1/2 inch's wide due to the width of the chassis. 


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