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The Rock Pirates RC Capra Flat Skid was designed to make the Capra to Rock Pirates RC Interceptor Chassis conversion simple. The Skid has been specifically designed to fit the Axial 3 Gear or Vanquish 3 Gear transmission; it has also been machined to fit the Vanquish Hurtz Dig V2 unit. Link mounting brackets are included.    

Important Information: The RPRC Flat Skid WILL fit the Stock Capra Chassis. When installing be sure to leave all the screws loose until they are all started, then tighten. The Skid has precision threads, all the screws will install effortlessly when aligned correctly, be sure not to cross thread when installing.

The stock Capra Transmission will NOT fit the RPRC Capra Flat Skid.  

Special Features: 

Precision machined from Delrin with high quality finish resembling aluminum.

Top of Skid is double counter sunk for the transmission and motor for ultra-low CG.

Super flat bottom with angled approach and descent.

Precision threaded side holes for easy install and durability. 

Oversized link screw holes that change to M3 thread at the center of the skid for ease of build and time conservation.  

Aircraft quality aluminum, black anodized link mounting brackets. 

Link mounting brackets have been designed to also fit long motor cans, such as the HobbyWing Fusion Pro.

Made In USA

Notes: Be sure to have a good set of M3 screws and M3 Nylocks before tackling this type of build. 

Be sure to install the lower links into the Skid before mounting the chassis rails. 

Caution, if you feel the side screws bottom out before getting tight, use a shorter screw.  

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