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The Rock Pirates RC Flat Rail Crossmembers were designed to provide a simple way to provide additional cross support for flat rail chassis and shock tower support on C Channels chassis outfitted with Rock Pirates RC shock towers. The Crossmembers are precision machined out of aluminum with M3 threads on both ends and are light weight. Shocks can be screwed directly into the Crossmembers if needed.  

Important Information: Crossmembers are 2 15/16 inches in length, the same as the RPRC X-Mount and is the perfect length for Capra/Interceptor builds. This length also spaces the Interceptor Chassis wide enough to allow the RPRC Hardline Bed to fit between the frame rails. The length also fits shock towers of SCX10-2 and Elements outfitted with RPRC shock towers.

Note: The Crossmembers Can Not be used on the front of Interceptor builds that use the RPRC or Factory SCX10-2 or Element servo trays, they are too wide for this application.

Also fit the Axial Pro perfect!  

Standard (4) Crossmembers Pack!

Capra Build (6) Crossmember Pack! The Capra pack comes with 6 Crossmembers for additional support of the Chassis. One of the Crossmembers has two M3 threaded holes in the center to allow the Rock Pirates RC, Plank Battery Tray to be mounted (Plank Battery Tray not included); see pics.                                                                                Two of the Crossmembers have two grooves machined into them, these two are a little longer than the rest of the crossmembers and should be placed on both sides of the skid. This provides lees stress to the skid when the chassis rails are pinched for assembly. 

 Made In USA

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