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The HARDLINE BED was developed for lovers of the ProLine Power Wagon & Comp Wagon Bodies, who like hitting the hard lines. The HARDLINE has aggressive angles that are appealing to the eye and provides exceptional clearances. The HARDLINE was designed to be ran with the Rock Pirates RC rear shock towers; together they match contours and look like one unit. The Bed is CNC Laser cut from rigid aluminum and only weights 2.4 oz. Available in Black or Silver anodized. The inside of the bed still has plenty of room for scale accessories. 

The sides of the RPRC bed screw into the existing frame side holes. On the Interceptor and Kraken Pro Chassis you might have to push the side panels out and down a little to align side holes. 

When mounting the bed in an Element or Interceptor Chassis use a stock Element servo tray as a rear crossmember. It provides the perfect bed mounting platform and stiffens the chassis nicely. The holes in the bed match the servo tray holes. The Hardline Bed will not fit the ECTO without advanced modeler modifications. 

When mounting in a SCX10II the bed holes towards the center match the holes in the SCX10II rear crossmember. Keep the shock towers screws loose until the bed screws are installed. Then tighten the shock screws. Its intentionally a snug fit. An Element servo tray can be used on the SCX10II as a cross member/mount as well. 

When mounting to the Kraken Pro, you will need to drill holes in the Axial Pro rear crossmember to secure it. 

The Hardline Bed will not fit the Vanquish VRD unless the chassis rails are converted to the RPRC Kraken VRD chassis rails. 

The rear of the bed is short to allow a spare tire to be mounted to the rear of the truck using a Rock Pirates RC X-Mount. The bottom of the tire will drop below the frame rails to achieve low CG.  

NOTE: The Hardline Bed Will NOT Fit The SCX10II Transmission With The Transfer Case Due To Clearance Issues!

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