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Rock Pirates RC

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Made In USA

The Rock Pirates RC Peg Leg Links for the Vanquish VRD were designed to optimize the wheelbase on the VRD and to take advantage of the skid forward design on the RPRC Kraken VRD Chassis. 

Kit Includes:

Front upper and lower links. (.125 shorter than stock) 

Rear upper and lower links. (.425 longer than stock) 

Rock Pirates RC Sticker Sheet. 

Special Features: 

Precision smooth machined from stainless steel.

Links provide an optimum wheelbase of 12.85 inches.

Each link has grooved rings on one end for easy install locating.

Links include a high taper design to ensure critical clearances even in extreme articulation and weight reduction.  

Packaging includes an easy-to-use cheat sheet for easy link location. 

High clearance lower rear links.  


Links will fit the stock VRD chassis also. 

Stock rod ends will fit links perfectly. 

Popular items when using the VRD Peg Leg Links:

RPRC Kraken VRD Chassis. 



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