Servo/Winch Tray For SCX10 II (FREE SHIPPING)

Rock Pirates RC

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Servo/Winch Tray for Axial SCX10 II. Will also fit most comp truck chassis’s. (2.750 inches wide).

Made of 3/16 aluminum in the USA.

Winch servo posts included.

Design Benefits:

1) Provides a winch mounting location at the very front of the chassis for optimum weight distribution. (Note: ONLY a short winch such as the Reef 299LP or Reefs 800: IS will fit this servo tray).

2) Locates the winch spool all the way forward and dead center of the chassis so there is no risk of winch line hang ups.

3) Relocates the batter tray behind the servo tray, low on the chassis to optimize a low center of gravity (Rock Pirates RC Batterie Tray is need for this lay out. Battery Tray not included).

4) Stiffens the chassis.

5) Provides true comp truck performance. 

6) Middle slots provide the option to Velcro strap a battery to the tray or use a suck down winch. 

See the Rock Pirates RC Utube Channel for instructions on how to install. 

* Highly recommended with this item:

- Servo & Shock Spacer Pack.

- Battery Tray 

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