Rear Shock Towers for TRX4 (Free Shipping)

Rock Pirates RC

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Laser cut from high grade aluminum. Available in Silver or Black Anodized, these stylish shock towers provide 9 adjustment points to maximize the performance and ride height you're looking for. Perfect for comp. trucks or trail trucks looking for better performance. Rock Pirates RC sticker sheet included.

Made in USA

* Popular with this item:

- Rock Pirates RC Body Post Mounts.

- Servo & Shock Spacer Pack.

* Inner fender wells will likely need to be trimmed to clear the top of shock towers. 

FYI: Stop in occasionally. From time to time, we do limited runs of specialty colors such as red and blue. Grab them while you can, we never know when they will be available again. 🏴‍☠️💣🏴‍☠️

(168) TRX4 UPGRADES, Rock Pirates RC Shock Towers. The best performance mods for the dollar! - YouTube

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